Affordable & Reliable
Remote Livestock Monitoring

Enabling use of
livestock Remote Monitoring 

TAGim™ Precision Livestock Farming system automatically detects & alerts of livestock in suspected ill health, for earlier & more effective intervention.


TAGim™ consists of smart ear tags, wireless communications, analytics dashboards & a unique pen rider App.

TAGim™ offers fully automated, continuous monitoring of temperature & feeding for each individual animal & the entire herd. 

 Why TAGim™ ?


Monitoring individual animals, with an inexpensive, disposable ear tag for an attractive ROI to enable wide adoption.

Pen-Rider App

TAGim™ pen rider App provides the necessary tools to efficiently locate the suspected animals in the pen.   

Visual ID 

TAGim™ smart tags include standard visual numbering, negating cost of visual ID tags, reducing infections & workload. 


Timely care, days prior to visual presentation of symptoms, improves Cost of Gain, supports judicious use of antibiotics, enabling better animal welfare.

Work Force Efficiency

Care takers can trust in automatic checking & flagging of sick animals focusing attention to pre-identified animals of interest, avoiding late pulls & enhancing their performancewith animals  receiving earlier interventions & better outcomes.  

Count Cattle

Automatic head count of inventory per pen, generating reports that are easily shareable, for more efficient asset verification.

"TAGim offers a different approach, which truly responds to the industry's needs".

Eyal Muller is the owner of Yanai Farms, in the North of Israel.  A rancher, with extensive experience in Israel, managing feedlots >10,000 head, Eyal has been using TAGim on a daily basis for his beef cattle feedlot. 


26 years

R&D and Production Expertise

30 million

Medical Devices Manufactured

TAGim patented technology was developed & is manufactured by Medisim, a global leader of best-in-class, affordable diagnostic medical devices, based on breakthrough technologies.  

Harnessing over 25 years of expertise in human temperature measurement, in-house design-to-cost & mass production of medical products marketed by US' leading mass retailers, yielded a unique solution for the industry's unmet need.  

For more information visit:  www.medisim.co.il

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John Richeson, Ph.D.

Professor of Beef Cattle Feedlot Management at
West Texas A&M University

Guy Ellis.jpg

Dr. Guy Ellis 

Director of Veterinary Services at
Cactus Feeders

Tom Portillo.jpg

Dr. Tom Portillo

 Consulting Veterinarian with Veterinary Research & Consulting Services


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Jerome Price

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Senior Field Technician


Yossi Wittman

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VP Business Development

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John Wilson

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President Medisim USA Inc.

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